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  • Colin J. Fischer

Ending the year on a High

In March I wrote about how this year, 2022 would be our return to flight. I could not have been more correct in that statement. This year alone, NX Aviation has managed to post the highest revenue of any previous year and been privileged enough to serve our customers in a variety of fields.

Since March, NX has fielded teams of professionals whom have furthered the science of aviation. Among our many accomplishments are:

  1. Developing the Safety Plans, Concepts of Operations, and Briefing materials for the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival UAS Integration Event.

  2. Taking on the responsibility of Air Boss for the above event and ensuring the safety of both Commercial Delivery, and Public Use, Unmanned Aircraft in a confined space.

  3. Flight Testing a new Radio Frequency sensor to support Warfighters deployed across the globe.

That was just the first half! I am so pleased to have more milestones to look forward to as this year comes to a close. In addition to our first major recurring contracts supplying Project Management and Program support to Department of Defense projects, NX Aviation has also won a contract supporting PMA-265 at NAS Patuxent River. We will be supplying flight test services during developmental test of a new communications system. We will be using our trusty Beechcraft Baron flying testbed for these tests.

We are also the sole commercial provider of a Group-3 Unmanned Aircraft System. In June, NX Aviation purchased an ex-US Navy Tigershark (S/N 167) and ground station. Already, there are customers asking when it will be available for use. We are looking forward to getting her back in the air to further Unmanned Aircraft technologies, and test new integration strategies for UAS beyond the 55 lb limit.

There are things to be excited about in our hallways and hangars. As we close out the year pushing the boundaries of the possible today, we open the door to the possibilities tomorrow. Lets end 2022 on a high note.

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