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  • Colin J. Fischer

2022- Our Return to Flight

While the last two years have been a struggle, it seems as though NX, like the rest of the world, is ready to return to flight. While the Pandemic cancelled or delayed many of our projects, this year has seen us begin to take wings again.

For example, I was pleased to just return from supporting our long time customers during a recent technology demonstration in Hawaii called DICE-22. We had planned on supporting this event in April 2020, but naturally other events got in the way. Actually accomplishing this project, albeit almost 24 months late, was hopefully a harbinger of things to come.

And it seems safe to say that might actually be the case. We have also taken our Baron flying testbed aircraft up several times this year in support of yet another pre-pandemic mission supporting Radio signals testing for a new product line. Additionally, NX Aviation recently signed a deal with the Virginia Innovative Partnership Corporation (VIPC) to provide documentation and operations support during the upcoming Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, VA. NX Aviation will be providing all the necessary documentation to help ensure flight safety and standardized operations among public safety, commercial, and hobbyist drone operators during the festival. Additionally we will be helping to staff the Emergency Operations Center during the event while providing the kind of Subject Matter Expertise to advise the Air Boss during the entire operation.

Meanwhile, Companies such as DroneUp will be demonstrating their ability to provide drone-based deliveries of meals during the festival. Talk about harbingers-- this is a little taste of the future of delivery. We are pleased to be a small part of it.

All of these things are pointing to a major relaunch in 2022.

We are thrilled to be able to Return to Flight.



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