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Resources and Capabilities

NX Aviation is perfectly positioned to help progress your aerospace project.  Below are some of the capabilities we can leverage including our aircraft, people and qualifications.

Download our Capabilities Statement below.


Baron Manned Aircraft Platform

Our Beechcraft Baron is available to fly your technology at any point.  Our team of skilled research pilots and engineers can make any modification to the nosecone, baggage door, or forward cargo door.  We also have experts in airworthiness ready to get your system approved by the FAA for flight.


Max Range 1000 miles

Max Endurance 7 Hours

Max Altitude 19,000 ft

Passengers up to 5

Min Crew 1 Pilot

Useful Load 1864 lbs 


Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Utilizing its cadre of aerospace professionals, NX Aviation has provided flight test and mission support to multiple UAS operators in both Government and Industry.  We have navigated the FAA waiver and COA process and also provided military airworthiness support.

NX Aviation owns and operates a former Department of Defense Tigershark Unmanned Aircraft System.  The aircraft is fully capable of being transported across the United States.  


Professional Aviation Services

Our pilots have collectively logged over 10,000 hours in multiple types of manned and unmanned aircraft,  as well as other flying vehicles such as balloons.  Our team has also logged over 2,000 hours in command of flight operations.  

Many of our personnel are also eligible for clearances up to and including Top Secret

In addition to our technical accomplishments, we have program support in the form of professional  project managers.  In the past, our company has performed research flight program management to  include the following tasks:  

FAA and Military Airworthiness

Flight Test Planning  

Procedures development

Weather Planning and Forecasting

Our team can provide our customers with a scalable work-flow.   
This scalability is designed to work within their budget to  provide the best value. 

Resources and Capabilities: Resources and Tips
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