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Achieving Goals

RF Sensor Testing

December 2021 - Present

NX Aviation used its Beechcraft Baron to fly a customer's proprietary Radio sensor.  The Baron is an ideal platform because it's nosecone is RF-transparent and we are able to use the forward baggage compartment to store the radio systems.


UAS Test and Demo Crew

August 2019 - Present

NX Aviation provided a government customer flight test support on a new quadcopter UAS.  This project involved NX Aviation completing multiple airworthiness reviews on behalf of the customer and providing a qualified pilot during all flight operations.  

We also advise our customer of impending technologies and regulatory issues that may prevent flight operations, and provide work-around solutions.


Shenandoah Apple Blossom Fly - In

March -April 2021

NX Aviation was hired to support a futuret technologies demonstration during the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival.  NX is providing the documentation such as the Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Documentation, and Concepts of Operations.  NX will provide Aviation Operations support during the event itself as part of the Emergency Operations Center.

apple blossom.png

VIDAR Test Flights, US and Canada

August 2019-March 2020

We used our Beechcraft Baron aircraft to install and fly Sentient Vision's VIDAR system in four locations in North America.  The mission was designed to collect boat and ice data that was fed into an AI algorithm. 

This project required multiple regulatory and technical obstacles be overcome, and the NX team was able to surmount each one of them.  Once flying, the team encountered weather obstacles during all flight operations but, again, was able to achieve the mission.  

In all, NX Aviation flew 67 flight test hours in Virginia, Florida, Texas and Prince Edward, Canada.


University of Maryland UAS Test Site Support

February 2020

NX Aviation provides flight crews and mission support to the University of Maryland's UAS Test Site near NAS Pax River.


Aircraft Trade Study

April - June 2018

NX Aviation won a contract with the Department of Energy in 2018 to perform weight and balance trade studies on new special missions aircraft. The customer is examining 19 aircraft to replace their aging Gulfstream aircraft. NX Aviation’s role is to look at which aircraft can optimize the DoE’s payloads.

Our work in this contract will help to provide the government with a more efficient and viable aircraft to perform their missions

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